Christian Education Programs

Christian Education Chairperson:  Britt Kaufmann

Sunday Morning

Sunday School

All Ages Gather in the Sanctuary

Elementary Children’s Choir in Sanctuary
                     Lesson in downstairs classroom at about 9:45
Middle School Youth Group - meets in Library 
High School Youth Group  - meets in the back room in the Laughrun House

    Traditional Adult Sunday School -- Laughrun House 
    Stone Topics - an informal discussion group that meets in Fellowship Hal

10:15ish     Everyone Dismisses for Worship Service

10:30  Worship Service

In detail....

Traditional Sunday School for Adults

This is a more focused group requiring prior preparation that meets in the Laughrun House. Participants use "The Present Word" materials to study the Bible.

Stone Topics - Informal Discussion Group for Adults

This is an unstructured discussion group that will meet in front of the fireplace in Fellowship Hall. On the table will be a basket of stones. Upon each stone will be a one-word topic, such as faith, loyalty, nature. This topic will be the stepping stone for a discussion. It will be okay to get off topic. This opportunity will be for you if you are new, are a visitor for the day or are not into a structured group. There will be no facilitator. It will be a place for you to meet others and have an interesting discussion.

For Children and Youth

High School Group -
meets in Laughrun House after Gathering
led by Chad Smoker and Duke Rose
The youth will determine the nature of their Bible/Faith study and be involved in service projects.

9:30-9:45 Children’s Choir (Grades preK-5th Grade or Above)
led by Willard Cottrell
The children will work on cantoring music as well as special music for Sundays. Music is considered a vital part of the elementary children’s program.

Middle School Youth Group (6th-8th Grade)
led by Rose Ray and Bob McFerren
This group meets in the downstairs library for lively discussions and study of the Bible and faith.

Elementary School Children (K-5th Grade)
contact person is Britt Kaufmann
After the Gathering and Prayers of the people, these children will dismiss from Children’s Choir to the classroom for a lesson with a craft. “We Believe” will be the curriculum.

Pre-School Children
(ages 3 – K)
contact person is Laura Watrous
Pre-school children, if interested and able, may join the Children’s Choir and then go downstairs for an age-appropriate Bible lesson.

Child Care During Worship
We offer paid child care provider for babies in our nursery downstairs. Toddlers will join this group after the “Time with Children” in the worship service.

Wednesday Evening

contact person is Jon Ward

This group is ideal for adults who want to study and discuss topics related to religion and faith in our contemporary world. We use books and videos as the resources for our discussions. As of August, 2016 we are completing a short study of a book titled Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love by William Willimon. It uses scripture as a guide to how we should deal with the wide spread fear of those who we view as being “The Other”.

The current book being studied is: The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Makes Us Unable to Read It by Peter Enns 

Two other books likely to be studied in 2016/2017:
  • The Future of Faith by Harvey Cox
  • The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires Our Trust More than Our “Correct” Beliefs by Peter Enns
Many participants gather at 5 PM at a local restaurant for dinner before the meeting. Anyone who would like to participate in these discussions is welcome to attend.

Thursday Bible Study

led by Pastor Steve Elderbrock
This group meets at the Smoky Ridge Rehab Center (formerly Brookside) at 10:30.
The current study is on the book of Samuel.