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Men's Group

Our First Presbyterian Men’s Breakfast group is a fellowship that gathers regularly on the first Saturday of each month to enjoy breakfast prepared by a chief cook and bottle washer from among our number, to be exhorted occasionally to meditate upon scriptures or edifying thoughts, and to be entertained or enlightened or to enter into discussion of some matter of interest (or imagined to be of interest) by the current entertainer-designate. All men of the church are invited to participate. Contributions are solicited at each gathering to defray the expenses of the current cook; in fact these funds usually accumulated until the group settle upon some deserving mission project to which they may be devoted.

The Men’s Breakfast group functions more or less informally: who cooks and cleans up, who offers a devotion, who entertains or enlightens or provokes on a given Saturday morning is settled by volunteers who fill in the slots on a sign-up sheet maintained on the bulletin board in the church Fellowship Hall. Such machinery as is required to keep the group functional is provided by a pair of functionaries serving at the pleasure of the group: the Coordinator “chairs” the gatherings of the group and sees to it that the funds are solicited and duly attended to; the Communicator (currently Jon Ward) advises by email group members in advance of upcoming breakfast gatherings and phones those who haven’t already said that they would or would not be in attendance.

While the Men’s Breakfast group has no regular schedule of projects, members have often helped with chores at the church some Saturday mornings, and have maintained a listing of “helping hands” willing to provide transportation, do minor electrical work, light yard work, light carpentry, plumbing, and painting.