Adult Education

Sunday Morning

This group meets on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:15 in the Laughrun House.  The Sunday school curriculum is based on “The Present Word” a quarterly periodical which provides weekly Bible lessons based on a theme for each quarter of the year.

Our discussions focus on the application of the scriptures to our daily lives. If you have any questions about this group, please contact Jon Ward at 678-9170 or

Wednesday Evenings - 6pm in the Fellowship Hall

The Wednesday Evening Study Group discusses a variety of topics that focus on the application of our faith to our daily lives. These include studies of the Bible and the use of contemporary books and video presentations as resources.

Beginning in April, we have begun a video study series from PBS.

We will be doing a three week discussion of a recent PBS documentary "American Creed". It seeks to help us understand ourselves better as a people, and to see examples of ways that people from different backgrounds and worldviews can find common ground to create a more unified society. The two featured leaders of the discussion are David Kennedy and Condoliza Rice, both now Stanford Professors.

Contact Mike Lamm for more information at